Our Team

Different by design

Our company structure doesn’t conform to the rigid, traditional org chart. Instead, we’re built to be flexible, adaptable, responsive, and accountable.

It’s a system that operates at maximum speed and without restriction. It allows our teams to quickly adapt and change directions. That’s crucial in an industry that’s known for its constant ebb and flow.

Most of all, we’re able to eliminate waste and streamline operations. And that allows us to convert our reduced overhead into significantly lower building costs.


Strategy & Direction

Using a wealth of data, experience, and input from key personnel at all levels, the Strategy and Direction team determines where the company needs to go and the best way to get there.

Investor Opportunities

A division dedicated to researching the market, maximizing land purchases, conceptualizing high-return projects, and forging winning partnerships.


Architecture and engineering services blend seamlessly to boost product innovation while providing next-level construction efficiency.


Experienced. Hard working. Detailed oriented. Conscientious. Versatile. Accountable. Our construction team is without question the best in the business.

Self Perform

One of the secrets to our unequalled record for on-time, on-budget performance rests with our self-perform team, which brings carpentry, drywall and stucco services in house.

Risk Management & Quality Control

Our RM/QA team has all tools, experience, training, and work habits to prevent construction defects, reduce liability, enhance safety and deliver the highest quality products.


Providing essential accounting, administrative, legal, IT, and marketing services, the Support team provides the fuel to keep the company firing on all cylinders.

Customer Service

Focused around Ownercare, a sophisticated yet easy-to-use online warranty fulfillment program, the Customer Service team’s sole purpose is complete customer satisfaction.


Our team isn’t the biggest, but it’s the best.

In keeping with our obsession with efficiency, our organizational structure is streamlined to the max. We’ve defined precisely what’s essential for success, not what’s convenient or comfortable or impressive, but essential.

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