There’s never a good
reason to go over budget.

We have what we believe is the most enlightened design-build system in the multi-family industry, and we have the performance record to back that up.

By teaming up with inspired clients and top-tier trades, we’ve built more than 13,000 apartments and attached homes while achieving one of the industry’s highest success rates when it comes to finishing on time and within budget.

We’re leveraging technological advancements to the fullest, utilizing off-site, manufacturing, and placing engineering at the center of every stage of development.

More than 10,000 Units Built

Single Source of Responsibility

Traditionally, developers are forced to work with more than a dozen independent trades and suppliers on every project. That’s time-consuming and costly.

There’s a better way.

We cut costs and free clients from unpredictable variables and expensive levels of hierarchy (essentially middlemen).

We assume all responsibility for:

  • Architecture and design
  • Engineering
  • Permitting
  • Site work
  • On-site construction
  • Off-site manufacturing and assembly
  • Subcontracting
  • Material supply
  • Project management
  • Data management
  • Risk management
  • Quality assurance
  • Marketing consultation
  • Warranty fulfillment

Creating scalable standardization.

Our goal is nothing short of perfecting multi-family development. We have taken giant steps toward that goal by introducing repeatable, scalable standardization.

Using real-world experience along with modeling and system analytics, we studied several methods of construction and found that nothing approaches the efficiency of assembly line manufacturing. So we’ve adopted it. We’ve introduced a manufacturing mode of construction to every stage, both on-site and off.

As with modern manufacturing, we’ve created a system that relies on using proven, repeatable techniques and materials, teams of experienced workers, and controlled environments.

We use the same subcontractors, a stable staff of architects and engineers, even the same material suppliers – all of whom specialize in multi-family building — to build the same on- and off-site assemblies, job after job after job. This familiarity with a repeatable process is the best possible way to eliminate mistakes and increase quality.

It’s all in keeping with Pacific West’s record of pioneering highly-efficient and cost-effective design-build techniques.

Success is driven
from the outside in.

Satisfaction among renters and buyers is the only way to ensure success. That’s more likely when cost savings are passed onto renters and buyers.

For that reason, we strive to balance our clients’ aspirations with the needs of tenants, as well as our social obligations to a community.

By keeping rents and mortgages reasonable, developers can actually strengthen a market’s economy and increase their chances for a higher yield. It also provides them with an opportunity to capture a market through multiple projects.


We approach development with a holistic approach. Every aspect is considered with a quantum attention to detail. We listen to the needs and aspirations of clients and subcontractors, renters and buyers.

Precision scheduling