Multifamily Homes For Sale: 
Bringing affordability to more buyers.

We’re in the midst of a historic housing crisis that started back with the Great Depression and worsened with the pandemic.

Record low inventory, record-high home prices and escalating mortgage costs are threatening to price an entire generation of would-be buyers out of the market.

Not if we have anything to say about it.

Overcoming the current housing crisis will require two tasks: 1) building more homes; 2) making the homes more affordable. Pacific West excels at both.

We specialize in multifamily communities (condos and townhouses), which is the fastest, most efficient way to bring more homes to market. The cost savings inherent with multifamily homes combined with our ultra-efficient building process helps us bring homes costs down to more reasonable levels.

We also provide buyers with better value. That might sound the same as providing affordability, but there is a distinct difference. Our townhomes and condominiums rival more expensive single family homes feature for feature. Buyers can get the same privacy, the same storage, the same flexibility, and the same craftsmanship found in single-family homes. For significantly less. That’s value.

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The largest generation in history is coming into a market without enough homes. People are being priced out of the market, particularly first-time buyers who don’t have that equity built up from owning a home.

Nicole Bachaud
Zillow Economist
August 2022

Affordability without compromise.

The easiest way to reduce costs is by cutting corners, by compromising quality and craftsmanship. Builders can choose to use cheaper materials, include fewer features, shrink square footage, and choose secondary locations. That’s something we’ve never done and will never consider.

For more than three decades, our goal with every project has been to increase buyer value by reducing costs without sacrificing quality or craftsmanship.

Pacific West will always give its customers more for their money.

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A seamless approach to multifamily home building.

The key to achieving affordability is through better project management and increased construction efficiency. Those are two areas we have been focused on (obsessively so) since our beginning in 1991 (when we built and developed a single family for-sale community in Southwest Reno).

Central to our project management approach is OurTec. It’s a suite of software programs that are designed exclusively by and for Pacific West with a focus on building multifamily properties.

A $4.5 million investment, OurTec ties together the industry’s most popular and powerful third-party programs, including:

Primavera™ Time Management Software
Sage Precision Estimating by Oracle
Sage Accounting by Oracle
Autodesk Rivet
Autodesk BIM
MiTek Virtual Plant Software

Everyone associated with a project has free use of our easy-to-learn system. It provides project management, scheduling, and a secure, real-time exchange of information.

OurTec also includes a sophisticated financial modeling system that helps eliminate guessing. It’s easy to use and will instantly give prospective investors real world numbers for any amount of variables (run models for different investment levels, densities, products, time schedules). It can be used in the pre-planning stages to help project partners determine the ideal market and plans to use (a powerful tool for sales representatives and Realtors, as well as project partners). It provides a real look at the potential for success

Construction efficiency cuts costs.

We’ve refined our design-build process to become one of the most efficient builders in the industry. We typically cut 6 to 9 months off build times and reduce per square-foot costs by up to 20% (when compared to other builders).

While lowering construction costs lowers home prices, it also allows us to use better materials, offer home buyers more features, and build our home communities in more desirable locations.

Efficient construction benefits more than just home buyers. Getting a project to market faster strengthens a community by quickly filling housing inventory. It gives investors a quicker return on their investment (our investors can start seeing a ROI while competitors are still spending on construction). Being first also gives your sales team a distinct ma