Residential Developer and General Contractor: Single and multifamily for-rent and for-sale communities.

Pacific West specializes in residential development and construction.

More accurately, Pacific West specializes in high value residential development and construction.

Over the last three decades, we’ve learned that no matter what condition the real estate market is in, offering home buyers and renters more for their money is always the right move. For our customers. For our investors.

Apartments. Townhomes. Condominiums. Single-family homes. With every unit and housing development we build we are committed to providing maximum value.

It’s an approach that also benefits our investment partners. Giving home owners and renters more for their money leads directly to bigger, deeper market share. It increases customer loyalty. And that translates directly into more sales, quicker occupancy, longer leases, and better investor returns.

Pacific West is available as a full-service development company, construction company and a general contractor for:

Residential Developer

Residential Development

Multifamily Housing For Rent

Market rate, affordable housing, student, and seniors apartments

Multifamily For Rent

Multifamily Housing For Sale

Market rate and affordable condominiums and townhouses

Multifamily For Sale

Single Family For Rent Communities

Single Family For Rent