Introducing, the industry’s most powerful tool for lowering costs.

The 1085 Group specializes in construction efficiency.

The 1085 Group works closely with clients to develop exclusive products that are rich with amenities but significantly more affordable to build and more affordable rent.

Products from the 1085 Group, a collective of independent design professionals, use an inclusive, next-generation process that relies on rigorous design and engineering that provides for a more efficient, streamlined approach to construction.

It’s a “top down, bottom up” approach that removes variables and redundancies while maximizing the use of “smart labor,” uniform materials, tools and techniques, and off-site manufacturing.

The typical approach to cutting costs is to “grind” subcontractors and material suppliers. GCs often use pressure and leverage to force others to reduce their rates, without offering an alternative for profitability.

The 1085 Group allows clients and project associates to avoid the grind by creating an environment where profitability comes from increased efficiency.

The 1085 Group provides project partners with the process and the technology to eliminate waste and unnecessary markups, avoid time- and money-consuming disputes, and resolve scheduling conflicts.

Products are made more efficient by introducing as many repeatable processes as possible, not just within a project but across all Pacific West projects. Each time a worker repeats a process they become more proficient, and that proficiency increases exponentially with every additional project.

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The product development process:

A uniquely holistic approach.

The FlexBuilding

A for-rent or for-sale, garden-style product that gives clients the ability to alter a building’s density without affecting the overall footprint.


The RowTown

A for-sale, vertical town-home product that’s possibly the most construction-efficient multi-family home ever designed.


The xSpace

A for-rent or for-sale product that converts garage and storage space into valuable livable space.


The eMax

A three-story apartment design featuring innovative “tuck under” parking that greatly increases livable density.