Standardization reduces risk by creating universal familiarity

The adage “practice makes perfect” is never more apt than when it comes to construction.

We don’t build one-offs. While a unique design might excite potential investors and look great on paper, it’s unproven and sure to pose unique construction problems.

Each of our products offers its own style, it’s own aesthetic character, but its substructure uses only proven construction assemblies and processes that have been successfully built thousands of times. By the same subcontractors. From unit to unit, project to project, year after year.

A third or more of our products can be manufactured in a safe, controlled environment and are easy to install.

It all creates a continuity and consistency that increases construction efficiency and dramatically reduces the possibility for defects.

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The 1085 Group, a division of Pacific West, provides us with exclusive architectural and engineering services.

During the initial concept stage, The 1085 Group involves the entire construction team, including all trades, labor, and material suppliers. Each representative provides feedback and looks for potential problems or oversights.

The same process is followed with the same participants during and even after construction is completed.

By involving outside trades in the design, it also allows 1085 to produce plans that suit each resources strength, promoting construction efficiency and enhanced workmanship.

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It’s critical to prevent inferior materials from being incorporated into construction.

To do so, we start by establishing long-lasting relationships with trusted material suppliers. We make sure that like us, they’re “in it for the long run,” that their success depends on our satisfaction and repeat business.

While we continually searching for new, improved materials, we use only proven, trusted resources.

Our Quality Control Committee inspects all orders for quality when receiving materials. This ensures that materials haven’t been damaged while in storage or during transit.

We also make sure all material contracts are clear and detailed (we will not accept substitutions without authorization).

All workers have the authority to report questionable materials to the project super or to a representative of our Quality Control Committee.