A new-generation approach
requires years of experience.

Innovators aren’t born. They don’t take shortcuts. It takes hard-earned perspective gained from years of experience to know what’s truly new and what’s been tried but failed.

It’s the only way to become active rather than reactive.

Of course, none of Pacific West’s innovations would be possible without equally-innovative clients, clients willing to strive for higher standards, clients with the foresight to see the possibilities of a new-generation approach.

We value and respect those kinds of clients and work to establish long-lasting relationships.

Over time, we’re better able to understand a client’s business needs and aspirations.

By forming a long-term relationship, clients gain even more benefits through further reduced costs, even quicker build times, and quicker returns on their investment by eliminating the wasted time, money or energy that comes from renegotiating every new project, and every phase of an existing project.

Working together on repeat projects exponentially increases a project’s chances for profitability. A second project becomes more efficient than the first. A third becomes more efficient than the second. And so on. Imagine the benefits of working with Pacific West for years.

When it comes to developing multi-family projects, familiarity doesn’t breed contempt, it gives birth to better returns on your investment.

Pacific West Companies Products

“Pac West’s innovative approach helped us maximize the efficiency of our Big House product, which is now one of our most successful multi-family designs.”

Humbphreys and Partners Architects

A glance at our history;
a glimpse into the future.

In 1991, William Pennington formed what would become Pacific West Companies.

As business increased, PacWest added structural engineer Mike Daniels and construction manager Bret Dowty, two of the top professionals in multi-family building.

The company initially focused on building custom homes, large-scale single-family subdivisions, commercial projects, and small niche apartment buildings in Nevada and California.

Over time, each partner discovered that their true passion was — and still is — building high-density projects.

In 29 years of business, Pacific West has always taken a long-term approach to doing business. We continue to pour our efforts into refining the construction process, as well as project management technology, anything that helps keep us — and our clients — steps ahead of the competition.

It’s a nimble, efficient, yet powerful approach that propelled us into becoming the country’s sixth highest-grossing multi-family builder/developer. Now, it’s helping us anticipate market changes and allowing us to deliver industry-leading projects that offer more livable space per square foot.


It’s not so much a tagline as it is a description. It’s the only description that accurately fits Pacific West Companies.

We don’t feel obligated to perform “like no one else.” It comes naturally. It’s the way we’ve been doing things since 1991, and continues to be so as we take construction efficiency to a new level.

What does that mean for clients? A unique, superior product delivered in less time, for less money, than from any other multi-family GC.


Turning Adversaries into Allies

Always on time,
never over budget.


Multi-Family Specialists

We’re not just experienced in construction. We’re equally experienced at development.


Information Technology

Pacific West Companies incorporates industry-leading software to increase operating efficiency and to ensure each project is completed on time.