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Proven development and general contracting services that are reshaping the high-density residential market.

Award-winning architecture and engineering services devoted exclusively to high-density, residential products and communities.

The industry’s most efficient high-density, design-build construction services. A single source from dirt to occupancy.

High-density development services from the team that was named by Builders Magazine as one of the country’s Top 10 Multi-Family Developers.


Esprit apartment community with rowtown project


Reno, Nevada

harvest at damonte ranch apartment community with flexbuilding product


Reno, Nevada

latitude 39 appartment community with flexbuilding product

Latitude 39

Reno, Nevada

lyfe at marina apartment community with flexbuilding product


Reno, Nevada

natomas apartment community with flexbuilding product


Natomas, California


Our business model doesn’t depend on ideal market conditions. We don’t rely on optimistic projections. Just the opposite. We’re built specifically to thrive in the most demanding times.

We’ve successfully navigated the up-and-down housing markets since 1991. We endured the Great Recession, intact. We’ve continued to adapt to the new normal by streamlining operations and pushing efficiency to new levels.

While many general contractors are now holding their breath and worrying about the future, we’re comfortable working under precise parameters and with narrow margins.

Our business model is a departure from the industry norm. It’s based on long-term success, small profits compiled over multiple, successful projects. We’re outcome driven. Our goals are directly in line with our clients’ goals.

We believe in our approach, our people and our abilities. Not luck. And we believe in working with developers who are confident in their vision and are aggressively market-winning combination.


We build multi-family communities faster, better, and for less. We don’t “grind” on subs and project partners. We don’t cut corners. Instead, we create innovative, market-driven products that are highly efficient to build.

Lower construction costs translate to more affordable rents. At the heart of our process is the 1085 Group, which provides architecture and engineering services for Pacific West and third-party clients.

The 1085 Group works closely with clients to determine their exact cost objectives. The proven team then meticulously works through each product plan, looking for every opportunity to increase livable space and construction efficiency.

The most valuable way to achieve efficiency is to incorporate off-site manufacturing. It’s the most proven process for reducing costs and enhancing quality.

Through detailed and innovative architecture and engineering, up to 30% of the buildings designed by The 1085 Group can be manufactured off site, saving money and time.

This singular focus on efficiency also allow us to add up to 20% more livable space per floor plan, greatly increasing site-wide density.