Pacific West Companies

We design, engineer and build multi-family solutions

We make multi-family communities more efficient to build, whether they’re for rent, for sale, market rate, student, senior, tax credit, or luxury.

The saying “less is more” has never been more accurate or crucial than when applied to multi-family general contracting.

Design, engineering, and labor must do more for less. Less time, less money.

We do.

We provide clients with the most livable space per acre at the lowest possible per-square-foot cost.

All while allowing for A+ institutional-grade quality.

Lower project costs translate to lower rents, the most proven path for project success.


An obsession with engineering and efficiency.

Doing more for less doesn’t come from “grinding” on project partners. It doesn’t come from making others sacrifice profits. It comes from innovative products and increased construction efficiency. And that starts and ends with superior engineering.

At the heart of our process is Integrated Design Build Solutions, an independent division of Pacific West.

IDBS begins by working closely with a client to determine a cost objective. The team of experienced architects and engineers then meticulously works through a plan, whether it originates in-house or from outside architects, looking for every opportunity to increase livable space and construction efficiency.

One of the most valuable methods is to incorporate off-site manufacturing, which is proven to reduce costs and enhance quality assurance.

It’s common for IDBS to enable a GC to manufacture up to a third or more of a building off site.

This singular focus on efficiency allows us to help clients create products that are quicker and less expensive to build and can accommodate up to 20% more livable space.

Pacific West elevates the design-build process to staggering levels.

Ted Erkan, Lewis Communities

Pacific West’s innovative approach helped us maximize the efficiency of our Big House product, which is now one of our most successful multi-family designs.

Greg Faulkner, Humphreys and Partners Architects

Pacific West always does its best, no matter what the challenge, and Pacific West’s best is far better than any other GC out there.

Scott Kepner, Village Investment Partners, L.P.

A single source of direction and responsibility.

We deliver unambiguous project coordination, virtually eliminating delays and on-site disputes.

We schedule and manage overlapping design services, implement precise building and development processes, and serve as a single source of responsibility. All at the direction of our client.

We also make every effort to eliminate third-party markups.

Sometimes, it means “self performing” certain trades, such as carpentry, stucco and painting. It also means doing business directly with material manufacturers to eliminate the various levels of markups.

Building mutually beneficial relationships

No one knows the market and the end consumer better than a great developer. No one knows the product better than a great general contractor.

The two can form a powerful, cohesive team, or they can treat each other as rivals and play a zero-sum game where making more means taking money from someone else.

We’re focused on forming long-term, working relationships that benefit both parties.

We help the client create an incentive-based environment where everyone shares an opportunity for success through increased efficiency.

Through this strategic relationship and a commitment to efficiency, we’ve helped our clients and project partners accelerate their growth, and they have helped accelerate ours.

Latest Projects

Latitude 39

148 Units

Reno, Nevada

Lyfe at Marina

280 Units

Reno, Nevada

Harvest at Damonte Ranch

482 Units

Reno, Nevada

We focus on the fastest-growing markets in Northern California and Nevada.

For the last two decades, we’ve focused on the most profitable markets along I-80 in Northern California and Nevada, and along Highway 99 in Central California.

This narrow area of focus allows us to concentrate our efforts on establishing consistency and continuity without weakening our resources.