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Get the most from your investment, the most from your land.

If you’re considering a multi-family residential project of 50 units or more, or a single-family subdivision, contact us.

Whether you’re a landowner, investment firm, development group, or an institutional investment fund, we’ll show you how to maximize your ROI.

Our exclusive for-rent and for-sale products are designed in-house. They’re more efficient to build. They increase livable density. They provide the highest level of market appeal.

Our experienced leadership team and proven modular construction approach will bring your project to market faster and for less.

You’ll get maximum protection with a stringent Risk Management program that’s monitored by an independent, industry-leading compliance agency.

We’ve even developed a sophisticated financial modeling system that helps eliminate guessing about your project’s configuration. It’s easy to use and will instantly give you real world numbers for any amount of variables.

Contact us and we’ll show you real world ways to increase your ROI.

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The Apex at Vista

360 Apartments | Sparks, NV

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The Gateway at Galena

361 Apartments | Galena Foothills, NV

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RiverPoint at Idlewild

120 Apartments | Reno, NV

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240 Apartments | North Reno, NV

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We’re now offering build-to-rent services.

Pacific West is expanding into the build-to-rent (BTR) market, one of the fastest-growing segments of the housing market. BTR features communities of single-family homes built specifically to be leased and managed like apartments.

Rising house prices and severe shortages are making BTR communities an attractive alternative to buying. The number of BTR homes is expected to double in the next year, accounting for 12% of new homes.

While Pacific West has specialized in multi-family projects for the last decade, our roots are firmly in single-family construction and development.

“We began as a single-family subdivision builder,” explains Bill Pennington, CEO of Pacific West. “Many of our processes, many of our programs, such as Ownercare, are a direct result of building and developing single-family communities. Whether we’re providing multi-family or build-to-rent, we can do it better, faster, for less.”

Pacific West will offer both development and general contracting services for BTR projects. We’ll also use the same design-build, modular-based construction methods that have made us an industry leader in construction efficiency.

The 1085 Group, an independent collective of design and engineering professionals, is currently at work creating single-family products specifically for the BTR market. A separate subcontractor network, one that specializes in single-family construction, will be used for BTR projects.