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Single-Family & High-Density

Get the most from your investment, the most from your land.

If you’re considering a multi-family residential project of 50 units or more, or a single-family subdivision, contact us.

Whether you’re a landowner, investment firm, development group, or an institutional investment fund, we’ll show you how to maximize your ROI.

Our exclusive for-rent and for-sale products are designed in-house. They’re more efficient to build. They increase livable density. They provide the highest level of market appeal.

Our experienced leadership team and proven modular construction approach will bring your project to market faster and for less.

You’ll get maximum protection with a stringent Risk Management program that’s monitored by an independent, industry-leading compliance agency.

We’ve even developed a sophisticated financial modeling system that helps eliminate guessing about your project’s configuration. It’s easy to use and will instantly give you real world numbers for any amount of variables.

Contact us and we’ll show you real world ways to increase your ROI.

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The Apex at Vista

360 Apartments | Sparks, NV

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The Gateway at Galena

361 Apartments | Galena Foothills, NV

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RiverPoint at Idlewild

120 Apartments | Reno, NV

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An innovative, modular approach to high-density residential

We’ve developed a proven, modular design-build process that allows us to increase livable space, improve workmanship, cut construction costs, reduce build times, and increase project density while providing more affordable, market-rate housing.

high density apartment rendering plants

We build up, not out

High-density is the best way to offset inflated land costs. Through innovative design, we’re able to eliminate wasted space, increase density and increase livable space. Plans are slightly smaller, yet feel big thanks to ingenious layouts that offer more layout flexibility.

We focus on modular building

Building “in the dirt” is archaic. It’s costly, wildly inefficient, and relies on unpredictable labor. Most sections of our buildings are manufactured off site and assembled modularly. Today, we’re 60% modular with a goal of reaching 100% in the next few years.

control construction structure build

We control the “structure”

To further standardized construction, we self-perform carpentry, drywall and stucco. Doing so reduces costs, enhances workmanship, improves scheduling, and cuts build times.

We ensure low material costs

We eliminate the volatility of the materials markets by pre-buying commodities in bulk at the best prices from trusted suppliers well before construction begins.

More Affordable High-Density Residential

Esprit apartment community with rowtown project


Reno, Nevada

harvest at damonte ranch apartment community with flexbuilding product


Reno, Nevada

latitude 39 appartment community with flexbuilding product

Latitude 39

Reno, Nevada

lyfe at marina apartment community with flexbuilding product


Reno, Nevada

natomas apartment community with flexbuilding product


Natomas, California

Bigger isn' t always better, just more expensive

Home prices and rents are based on a floor plan’s square footage. So it’s no wonder builders and developers aren’t too worried about having a little “fat” in their plans. Five extra feet here. Ten extra feet there.

But most of that space is wasted.

A Wall Street Journal study found that nearly 75% of a home’s square footage typically goes unused. But that extra fat inflates rents and home prices and shrinks the market for potential customers.

The key is to eliminate the fat and maximize livable space. And that’s exactly what we do with every floor plan we offer.

Because unused space has been trimmed out, most of our plans have slightly smaller foot prints (less total square footage). But they feel bigger. They look bigger. They live bigger.

And they allow for increased project density.

Most importantly, it allows us to grow the market by offering the best value in the housing market.