Pacific West and Build To Rent Communities: 
A flexible, more affordable approach to single-family homes.

Build To Rent is one of the fastest growing segments of the housing market. Since the pandemic, BTR (also known as Single Family For Rent) has doubled its share of new home construction. It is expected to double again by 2024.

For good reason.

BTR features single family homes (detached homes) built specifically to rent not own. Typically, BTR developments are located in neighborhoods that are virtually indistinguishable from traditional built-to-own neighborhoods.

BTR residents enjoy the benefits of living in a single family home, such as private backyards, bigger floor plans, and easy parking. They also enjoy the freedom and flexibility of a lease compared to the long-term financial commitment of home ownership.

Other Build To Rent benefits include significantly lower maintenance costs (most maintenance is handle by a property management company), increased privacy, and community amenities such as pools, fitness centers, private cinemas, coffee houses, playgrounds, and barbecue areas.

Build To Rent communities are also growing in popularity among investors. It’s projected that real estate investors will spend $40 billion on BTR developments throughout the U.S. over the next 18 months.

Pacific West is ideally suited for BTR. With a background in building and developing both single-family and multifamily communities, we have the experience and expertise to provide renters with the west’s premier BTR communities.

harvest single family luxury interior

Real world experience in single-family and for-rent developments.

The success of any single family project depends on dozens of factors and variables that separate it from a multifamily development, including zoning issues, parking, access to public transportation, material selection, and landscaping. Utility work, such as plumbing, heating, and air conditioning is also distinctly different between the two project types.

Pacific West has a wealth of experience in building both single-family and multifamily communities. We understand the similarities and differences of both.

We started as a single-family home builder and have now completed hundreds of single-family homes. We’ve also built thousands of condominiums and apartments.

We’ve developed dozens of planned communities and have constructed hundreds of community amenities and features. And we are familiar with the fastest-growing markets throughout Northern California and Nevada.

From product design to land acquisition, from securing permits and entitlements to installing a QA/RM program, we understand how to meet the unique needs of the two project types. And that’s the path to providing built-to-rent communities with maximum livability and maximum value.

We bring increased affordability to single-family for rent.

If you know anything about Pacific West, you know how much we value efficiency. With our ultra efficient design-build process, we can significantly lower construction costs. Those savings can then be passed on in the form of lower rents.

We’ve taken design-build’s inherent benefits to another level. And that’s saying something. The Construction Industry Institute says that design-build projects come in at least 4% to 5% less than construction management (CM) projects. And they cost 6% less than design-bid-build (DBB) projects.

Pacific West pushes that advantage even further.

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Construction speed benefits everyone.

Along with reducing construction costs, we’re able to bring single family for-rent communities to market several months earlier than most builders. That means renters, who are often actively searching for more affordable options, will find those options more quickly.

By getting to market faster, built-to-rent projects can reach maximum occupancy quicker. This gives investors an impressive advantage. They start seeing returns months sooner. And it cuts a significant amount of interest off construction loans.