RENO, NEVADA — Integrated Design-Build Solutions, an engineering firm dedicated to making multi-family homes and apartments more affordable through ultra-efficient construction, will serve as an independent extension of Pacific West Companies, one of the west’s leading multi-family general contractors and developers.

“The housing market is demanding more affordable options,” said Mike Daniels, president of IDBS. “We want to make sure working Americans will be able to rent and buy homes with the quality, features and innovation they deserve at more reasonable prices.”

IDBS is currently working closely with Lewis Communities to bring new apartment products to Northern California and Nevada markets at exceptional prices.

The firm uses an inclusive, “next-generation” process that relies on rigorous design and engineering to allow for a more-efficient, streamlined approach to construction. It’s a “top down, bottom up” approach that removes variables and redundancies while maximizing the use of “smart labor,” uniform materials, tools and techniques, and off-site manufacturing.

According to Daniels, smart labor is gained by bringing a manufacturing strategy and mindset to field work.

“We make products cheaper to build by introducing as many repeatable processes as possible, not just within a project but across all projects” explains Daniels. “Every time a worker repeats a process they become more proficient. That increases exponentially with every project they complete.”
Workers can take efficiency to another level by using off-site manufacturing where repeatable processes can be performed 24/7 in a controlled environment.

Daniels said that IDBS can incorporate off-site manufacturing in any multi-family design, and can often engineer ways to construct up to 30 percent of buildings off-site.”

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