The FlexBuilding

Introducing, The FlexBuilding. An inventive garden-style design.

A design-build general contractor should be responsible for more than the building process. Driving a project to a successful outcome starts with a market-driven, market-winning product. Pacific West is a proven leader at developing such products.

This year, the national award-winning The 1085 Group has devised the most ingenious apartment product in the industry, the FlexBuilding.

Capitalizing on modifications to the International Building Code, which now mandates that multi-family buildings use a “single exit” system for fire safety, our architects and engineers have crafted a unique “interlocking” layout that increases both density and livable square footage.

For the first time, a client can freely alter a building’s or a floor’s density without increasing costs or affecting the building’s footprint. For instance, a project owner can swap one-bedroom plans for two-bedroom plans on the second floor, or increase the percentage of three-bedroom plans on the ground floor, without incurring any extra expense.

The FlexBuilding achieves a density of 28 units per acre, including garages. That’s more than 20% higher than most other offerings.

Resourceful, market-driven features include: open layouts, private entries, full or half garages with direct access, raised ceilings, hybrid car charging stations, abundant storage, oversized windows, flex space, and balconies or patios. Mechanicals systems are isolated to reduce operating noise, and increase performance.

Spacious rooms are designed for easy repurposing. Create an entertainment room, a home office, a guest room, a children’s playroom. The FlexBuilding is designed to conform to a resident’s needs.

Exteriors use creative use of color and texture to add an extra level of warmth and appeal.



Freely alter a building’s or a floor’s density without increasing costs or affecting the building’s overall footprint.

oversized balconies

Oversized Balconies

raised ceilings

Raised Ceilings

hybrid car charging

Hybrid Car Charging

flex space

Flex Space

full/half garages

Full/Half Garages

open layouts

Open Layouts

1, 2, & 3 bedrooms

1, 2, & 3 Bedrooms

private entries

Private Entries

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