Team Work

The most obvious difference between us and our competition is our emphasis on teamwork. Typically, project feasibility, planning, plans, permits, construction begins by the Client hiring an architect and civil engineer to lead the professional design team of the project. They complete their work before the plans are given to the general contractor and his trades for pricing and project schedules. Each entity operates individually without regard to one another. Because they work individually their is no incentive in seeing their work is fully integrated to meet the strict financial criteria of the Client. Pacific However provides a full solution to an archaic method of high density development.

With the Pacific West Companies team we place emphasis on team work throughout the entire the design-build process, planning, permits, construction and risk management of each project we work on. The first stage begins with a comprehensive discussion and agreement with the clients goals. We include all parts of the team most importantly the client. The client is woven as an integral part of the design-build process and construction to insure we are meeting their goals of the Project. Design, marketable plans, construction assemblies and specifications, quality goals, lease up strategies, the trades, the design professionals, project managers and all partners take an active role of every phase to insure the clients project comes in on-budget, on time and to top tier quality institutional and industry apartment standards.

The Pacific West team prides itself with working with the asset & property management teams to insure tenant satisfaction is first and foremost as the tenant satisfaction is ultimately each team members responsibility on behalf of the client. In summary everyone is brought together in the front end for proper execution of the project. We are not crisis managers. Pacific West is devoted to the clients best interests in their financial investment. The Pacific West teams are driven company by each company President of the Operating Group, the Design Group, the Design-Build Group, the Contracting Group, and the Risk and QA Group. We service each part of the team Like No One Else.

Leadership Team

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