Pacific West Owner Care Customer Service

Where you live greatly affects how you live.

No one understands this better than Pacific West. We truly believe that by building better communities we can dramatically enhance the resident’s quality of life. With each new community we build, we strive to find new ways to help make people happier, safer, more comfortable, and much more satisfied. In short, we build every community as if our friends and families will live there.

Complete Client satisfaction. That is the most effective way to ensure a successful project. Which is why we won't deliver an apartment or an attached-home until we have achieved that satisfaction. That's certainly easier said than done, but it's something we're committed to.

We believe in a zero-defect policy, which means that before we deliver any apartment or attached home, we require a complete sign-off by the property manager stating that we have complied with all written quality standards and that there are no outstanding defects.

During this stage, we require close client inspections with each building and unit walk-throughs. We also involve subcontractors and suppliers during inspections to head off any possible disputes over who's at fault for any defects. Our goal is to take care of all problems before a tenant moves in.

We also provide customers with a 24- to 48-hour mechanical and electrical on-call service. And, we offer a thorough, well-defined follow- through process for correcting cosmetic issues (which are allowed once per item within the first year).

Headed by a full-time Customer Service manager, our comprehensive Customer Service program features a detailed customer handbook that provides answers to the most common questions, and outlines the process for correcting any problems with construction. We are here to satisfy the customer. Long term.

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