Like No One Else. It sounds like a great tagline, one that took months to come up with. The truth is, it's the only phrase that accurately fits us. We're like no one else.

It's not a philosophy. It's a description. We don't feel obligated to be like no one else. It comes naturally. So what does that mean for you? We deliver a superior product in less time and for less money than any other design-build GC because we don't conduct business like anyone else.


You only have to spend a short time around the building industry to see the inefficiency and the adversarial nature that makes meeting budgets and deadlines so difficult.

Companies have strategies to make money through adversarial means, from the GC to the trades to the material suppliers and anyone else that submitted a bid on a project. It's been a part of the traditional construction industry for as long as anyone can remember. Companies bid outrageously low to ensure they get the job, then about a third of the way in, the plumber, or the roofer, or even the GC will pull their men off the job and insist they're being asked to work outside the original scope, and they only way they'll continue is if they're assured they'll be fairly compensated above their original bid (commonly known as an "overcharge").

While the two sides argue over what's "fair," the project falls behind schedule, and the project management schedule that was meticulously created bleeds red. We "buy out" a project at the start (which you can read more about in Services) so we never pay overcharges, eliminating any incentive for someone to stop working, just the opposite. The sooner everyone completes their job with unquestionable quality, the sooner everyone gets paid.

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