GMAX Construction Contracts

We pride ourselves on our flawless record of GMAX construction contracts on budget and on schedule.

PACIFIC WEST CONTRACTORS is willing to enter into a GMAX Contract with our Clients that will guarantee the Client will not pay more for the work than the agreed upon maximum price. No change orders for plan deficiencies will occur as Pacific West is solely responsible for the preparation of the project plans and specifications.

View Organizational GMAX chart between Client and Pacific West

Our competition typically will not enter into a GMAX contract because of the financial risk of the unknown. They do not have the ability to identify upfront costs, nor the fiduciary capabilities to control costs. They pass this risk of cost and schedule on to the Client who is left in the position of not knowing the true cost of the project until project completion. Pacific West will assume this risk of cost, scheduling and change orders because we have the construction and risk management, estimating, accounting and financial controls in place to establish, and insure adherence to, the terms of the GMAX contract.

During the design phase of the project, our Design-Build Services Team works with our esteemed design-build subcontractors and suppliers, many of whom we have worked with for over 25 years, and, based on an extensive value engineering process, obtains bids & schedules for their scope of work. At the conclusion of the design phase and this comprehensive estimating & scheduling process, we then know the scope of the project, its direct construction costs, and project completion scheduling. We then prepare a line item cost & schedule summary, which includes the cost of the preparation of the plans. The bottom line is our GMAX price that is adhered to.

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