Donald Burke Sr., Architect
Vice President – Architectural
Pacific West Design Build Services, LLC

Don Burke Sr. began his career as a licensed architect in private practice in Irvine, California in 1975. During the Orange County housing boom of the 80's, he began specializing in the design of multi-family projects. He realized he had an unusual talent, a combination of artistic and technical skills, to design complex multi-story wood frame structures. He was able to visualize the structural and mechanical elements of the buildings and arrange them in economical and workable solutions with creative designs. He also had the technical background and knowledge to monitor and solve the ever changing building and accessibility codes.

As Orange County grew, so did his architectural firm, to a peak of 15 employees. During the 80' and 90's, his client list included many of California's most prestigious multi-family developers.

In 2000, in response to newly enacted accessibility codes, Don Sr. created a new architectural solution for garden style multi-family buildings that integrated accessibility and exiting requirements, for which he was awarded a United States patent. With this new product, his client base expanded into Northern California where he designed several projects for Pacific West Companies. The relationship between these two companies grew. Pacific West appreciated the quality of the architectural services they were receiving and Burke Architecture appreciated the integrity, expertise, and speed of construction that Pac West was providing.

In 2004, the father and son architectural team of Don Burke Sr. and Don Burke Jr. along with their families, moved to Reno to join Pac West and open a newly created in-house architectural department for their multi-family projects. With the company operations overseen by Bill Pennington, the design-build services by John Burkett, and the construction by Bret Dowty, they became an integral part of a complete design-build company that was producing quality product, on time and on budget.

After the housing bubble burst of 2008, the Burkes returned to private practice. In the following years, in a response to changing building codes, they created and copyrighted a new, more economical multi-family building design called "The Game Changer".

In 2014, Don Sr. and Don Jr. rejoined the Pac West family as president and vice president respectively of the Pacific West Design Group, an in-house architectural department for garden style apartments, and as partners, gave Pacific West the exclusive license to the use of their copyrights…better units, more density, cheaper and smaller buildings, as well as easier to build.

To say Don Sr. is a qualified multi-family architect is an understatement. In his 36 year career, he is the architect of record of 69 built multi-family projects averaging 220 units each. There are only a hand full of architects in the U.S. who can match his experience in multi-family design.

Direct line: (775) 745-1020