Pacific West Design-Build Services

PACIFIC WEST CONTRACTORS hires and directs the entire design team required for the project. By doing so, Pacific West Contractors assumes all responsibility, not only for the construction of the project, but the design as well. Pacific West solely assumes all responsibility for the design and construction of the project.

PACIFIC WEST DESIGN-BUILD SERVICES is the missing link in the traditional Architect-Contractor relationship. This important division of our company, headed by John Burkett, is the liaison between design and construction. They identify the professional consultants required for each project and coordinate their scopes of work to insure no bases are left uncovered or duplicated. Likewise, they identify the scopes of work of each required subcontractor so no construction or supplier base is left uncovered or duplicated. They oversee the preparation of the project plans and insure timely processing of approvals and permits. The design build team works closely with the Client and all the finish trades to insure we maximize the look and feel of the project with the finish specifications provided and/or approved by the Client.

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