Cost Control

Pacific West General Contracting Companies contractually binds all resources by Project through our streamlined buyout process ninety (90) days prior to commencement of each project. The benefit of this buyout process is all resources are pre-selected during the entire design build process which streamlines the project commencement to completion. The largest advantage of our buy out process is Pacific West NEVER has exceeded a Gross Maximum Price with over 10,000 units built. In addition, the front end buy-out process insures each Trade has a clear understanding of their scope of work and scheduling obligations.

Using sound management techniques, a well defined building process, and designs that have come from years of hard work, we’re able to say what few in the industry can: since 1991 we have never exceeded a budget or time schedule on a multi-family project.

To start with, we take nothing for granted. Because we value the opportunities we’re given, we avoid taking undue risks. We also control costs by building extremely efficient, consistent, and uniform products (more familiarity means fewer mistakes).

Of course, bidding out a project is one thing. Getting truly-qualified bidders is something else. We learned a long time ago that there are a select few subcontractors in the multi-family business that are efficient, dependable and up to our standards. These players know how to bid and know how to build multi-family construction like no one else. We hold those select few in the highest regard and have built long-term relationships with them, many dating back nearly 25 years. This ensures that we continue to get the fastest, most cost-effective, highest-quality construction in the industry.

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