Burke Garden-Style Apartment Product Services

We provide COMPLIMENTARY DESIGN SERVICES for our select clients using the Burke Product.

Once you’ve given us your site information, selected the product (stacked flats or tucker-under garages), selected the unit size and mix, and given us your desired site amenities, our in-house architectural design group will prepare a complementary conceptual site plan yield study, similar to one of the examples above. This study will identify the number of units and unit buildings, unit mix, unit and building livable areas, gross building square footage, scope of amenities, and all the statistical information necessary for a complete financial and cost analysis.

  • WE will provide the proposed unit and unit building floor plans and the architectural character proposed for the project.
  • We will prepare the proposed interior and exterior finishes for the project, including flooring, cabinets, countertops, plumbing fixtures, electrical fixtures, finish hardware, window coverings and appliances.
  • During this process our Design-Build Service Company will value engineer the design with our design-build subcontractors and obtain bids for their scopes of work.
  • We will prepare a detailed direct construction cost summary of the work and a construction time schedule.
  • We will prepare a financial Proforma identifying the projected net operating expenses (NOE) and net operating income (NOI) of the project.
  • Based on all of the above information, we will agree to enter into a GMAX (not to exceed) contract, stating we will design and build this project for you for a specified amount per unit livable square foot. This GMAX will include all the direct building costs, costs of plans and specifications, and cost of the (normal) site work and amenities, including the clubhouse and landscaping.

Without a penny out of your pocket, and within a very short time, you will know the scope of your project, how much it will cost, what your expected returns can be, and when you can have it.

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