Bret Dowty
Vice President Pacific West Contractors

With more than three decades of experience in residential, commercial, podium and garden style apartment construction & risk management experience, Bret discovered his passion in the last decade; HIGH DENSITY Construction & Risk Management. Bret has the rare capacity of bringing together the most experienced Project Managers, Superintendents and Trades into a seamless one of a kind team for each Project. Bret has the capability and experience to oversee all of our construction and risk management work. He is the hub to our contracting and quality assurance system and team and truly is a one of a kind leader. It's Bret's job to make sure the team overcomes any obstacles (and they do), which is testament to his work ethic and goal-driven passion.

He has a simple mantra: demand the best, expect the best and deliver the best on-schedule, on-budget, and to top level institutional and industry quality standards. His record of quality assurance is a hallmark of his method of high quality projects.

Bret Dowty and Bill Pennington are tied to the hip as each other feeds off the others skill sets. Bret runs the general contracting field operations and Bill acts in a support capacity to insure the Corporate contracting operations delivers and enables Bret with all the necessary staff, equipment and technologies to complete a project on-time and on-budget. Bret is a leader in the industry with technological advances that makes his contracting operations the best in the nation. He determines the best management strategies, which include instant online access to all our clients, project managers and superintendents, and communicates to each group in a seamless fashion. Through live video streaming, Bret is able to be in many places at once, so nothing escapes his attention. Bret makes sure all jobs are run efficiently and with the highest-possible regard for risk management and quality assurance.

Bret has worked with his project, construction and quality assurance team for more than 25 years, and has guided the production of more than 10,000 high density units. Bret flies his own personal aircraft so he can be on site at every job upon a moments notice.

As Bill Pennington says, "without Mr. Dowty our company would not be who it has become; the best in the marketplace". They are inseparable friends and partners.