William D. Pennington
CEO Pacific West Operating Group

A consummate high density design-build general contractor and construction professional since 1983, Bill founded Pacific West Companies in 1991 with long time partners John Burkett and Bret Dowty. Subsequently, Bill brought in senior partners, Don Burke Sr., Don Burke Jr. and Mike Daniels, P.E.

Focusing on team building, technological advantages and increasing construction and risk management efficiency, under his leadership, Bill reduced the typical uncertainties associated with contracting Pennington established Pacific West as the dominant force in Northern California and Nevada for Multi Family and Attached Homes becoming one of the country's top housing providers.

He demands that all trades, professional resources, service companies, employees and related support services be the best in their given professions. Pacific West uses top Trades and Professional Resources in the Western U.S. to construct every project built. As a testament to his vision, no Trade or Professional Resource has left the Pacific West team and in most cases, each has been with Pacific West for up to 25 years. Bill insists on a strong work ethic from each resource and settles for nothing less than flawless execution.

Pennington requires 100% Client satisfaction with every Project his team builds. Each project must be built on-budget, on-schedule and to top industrial and institutional quality standards. He places an emphasis with all partners and team members to position Pacific West to be Like No One Else using a comprehensive Owner Care tenant and homeowner complete satisfaction philosophy with each unit built and delivered to his clients.

Bill expanded the company's in-house resources, providing clients with a single-source solution to a seamless building experience. He continues to use the industry's leading software and when necessary, creates additional programs to assemble the most effective technological assets toward more efficient construction and risk management, unequaled accountability and client access to up-to-the-minute project information. Clients can even watch the projects construction through live video streaming.

Bill is responsible for tying everything together to further improve the design-build, engineering and contracting process by ensuring superior project management and the highest standards in Risk Management & Quality Assurance.


Direct line: (775) 750-8580